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Created February 27, 2017

Last Updated : February 27, 2017


Who says it takes a lot to change someone’s life? BDAID makes it possible for the privileged section of the society to change the lives of students from the poorest families who are completely incapable of carrying out their educational high expenses.

Hence it the sponsors who take responsibility of his/her education. By contributing a minimum amount of US$30 monthly gift. The sponsor covers all expenditures for one particular child. This amount goes to facilitating the children with Better Teaching, Classrooms, Books, Stationary, Uniform, Nutritious Food, Medicare, etc.

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In Bangladesh, the concept of Zakat is still confined to distributing Sari-Lungi among the poor. This is not the proper way of distributing Zakat. The prime objective of Zakat is to ensure equitable distribution of wealth among all. It is unfortunate that Zakat has still not been a part of our culture. This is time to make a move, let's make it a part of our culture to experience how Zakat can make a difference!

*Zakat is mandatory for every wealthy Muslim.

*Zakat purifies the wealth , increases the wealth and protects it from sorts of risk.

*Zakat is the best tool for minimizing economic inequality between the rich and the poor.

* Know how Zakat is making difference in the lives of the disadvantaged.

* Zakat is our lost treasure! Let's revive it!!

In their (rich) properties there was the right of the poor, needy and beggar. (Surah Jariah -19)

To establish the covenant of God (zakat) and prayers.

( Surah Baqarah – 43)

'' To establish the covenant of (zakat) ,To purifies your hard-earned wealth''

‘’Zakat Rights Fund’’ an initiative of BDAID. Penetrating the millions of people who struggle every day to stay alive in our country. Peoples basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter, medical care and education are denied the chance to live a life that underprivileged . Islamic socialism the overall role of collecting Zakat true unlimited. Bring Allah and His Messenger (SM) in accordance with the provisions of the covenant with all of humanity at stake beside poor. BDAID ‘’Zakat Right Fund’’ Zakat is one of the fundamental right to worship Allah, ‘’Zakat Right Fund’’ is designed to collect needy people and support through the distribution of endangered and development works in their lives.

The activities of BDAID to this purposes such as we are running:

1. Earnings and human development programs

2. The Poor children in pre - primary education, and nutrition programs with Islamic Education

3. Scholarship Program for underprivileged meritorious students

4. Needy women and children's health programs

5. Emergency humanitarian assistance programs

6. Technical training programs for unemployed youth

7. Poverty Alleviation.

This year you have to pay Zakat? ‘’Zakat Right Fund’’ - Please provide your covenant. Covenant of the best ways to deliver our projects to ensure that we are committed to you.

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